Sandy Bock: Artist and Pet Care Services

Sandy Bock: Artist and Pet Care Services

Pet Care


About me
I am a licensed sole proprietor and Pet Care Professional, certified by NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters). I am liability insured by Pet Sitter Associates, LLC and have first aid knowledge through NAPPS. I have been in business since May 2010. I currently have two fur baby cats. :) I moved from PA to OH in 2017 and restarted my pet care business.

Professional Experience
Prior to becoming a business owner, I worked all shifts and several positions in a pet hotel taking care of the boarded animals, monitoring the day camp dogs, assisting at check-in/check-out, and working overnight. The position inspired me to start my own venture in pet care.

I have completed a Veterinary Assistant Diploma program. I also have a degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Environmental Science. I helped in the care of foster animals through The Cat Shack (cat rescue organization in PA), and
I volunteered at Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in PA for three years.

My Pet Care Services

In Your Home Pet Care or pet sitting: Rates start at $15-$18 per visit. Rates vary by trip miles, individual needs/tasks and number of animals who need care.

Daily Dog Walks: Dog walk rates start at $15-$18 per walk/visit. Rates vary by trip miles, length of walk, number of dogs and additional requested tasks.

Pet Taxi Service: This service is for picking-up or dropping off pets. This can be used for day camp, kennel, Vet, the groomer, training, etc. Pet Taxi service is $18 plus trip miles.

Overnight Service: Late PM to early AM.
Rates start at $45 per night.

Last Minute Services: I am here for my clients and their fur babies. If a last minute pet care need arises, I will squeeze you in my schedule to the best of my ability. There is no extra charge for last minute scheduling. All I ask is that the time be flexible. I will work with you!

Special Needs Services: My pet care and volunteering over the years has expanded my abilities to help with the special needs of pets. These include: animals with anxiety issues, senior animals with special feeding/medication needs, and administering insulin injections. If you have a pet with a special need and it is not listed, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it. I am not easily intimidated and always willing to help in any way I can. :)

Service areas: My pet care services are within a five mile range with areas including Parma, Parma Heights, western Seven Hills and northern Middleburg Heights. Other surrounding areas may also be included.

*All pet care services are taxable. Cuyahoga County sales tax will be applied.

Home Safety

Home safety services include: open/close curtains, turn on/off lights, put out garbage/recyclables, bring in mail/newspapers, etc. Along with caring for your pets, I will care for your plants, gardens and any outdoor feathered friends (or even deer in some cases) who's feeder needs replenishing.
(Liability insured)

*Note: There are many pet care providers who choose to advertise their business on the side of their car(s). During my certification process with NAPPS, I learned that this is a very unsafe practice that alerts potential predators to the home owners absence. My continued success in my pet care business is important to me, but I will not risk the safety of my client's home or their pets to intruders or pet predators. For this reason I do not advertise on my car!!


The length of each pet sit and dog walk visits vary according to the needs of the clients pet(s) and the required tasks. At the end of each of my visits, I write up some notes about the visit so you can see how your critters were while you were away. In addition, I can call, email, or text updates while you are away if you choose.

Note: Before visits can begin, a free meet and greet will be scheduled, so you and your pet(s) can meet me. During this time you will be given forms to be filled out and signed that I will keep on file. These include all client and pet information, emergency contact(s), and Veterinary information. This is to ensure that if an emergency were to occur, I would have everything I need to care for your pets.

Please contact me for more information on any of these services.

Sandy Bock
Call 267-767-4526 or email

Client Reviews and Misc Thank You's

"My wife and I hired Sandy to walk our new puppy during the day while we are at work. She has been doing a fantastic job for us. She is very professional with a love of animals that is obvious. Due to my schedule this week, I happened to be home when she showed up for one of today's visits. I was very pleased to see how happy our puppy was to see Sandy. We are also very happy with the daily write-up she provides describing her time with our little puppy. It is very nice to know that our puppy is in capable and loving hands while we are away. - John M."
Quakertown, Pa

"Creative Critter Sitter

Sandy has become the answer to my pet sitter/care needs. I can leave home with “peace of mind” knowing my pets will be cared for as well as if I were home. After all the times she has cared for my pets, I have never come home to any surprises. She is without a doubt the “best” pet sitter I have ever used. Once you use Sandy, you’ll never use anyone else. I can’t say enough about Sandy’s abilities. Again – she is the best!!!

Andy Dabrowski
Coopersburg, PA"

"Sandy, it is rare to find anyone who actually shows up when they are supposed to and stays to work for as long as expected, much less when there is no one there to whom they are accountable. You have exceeded our expectations. We know for a fact that you arrive and leave at the designated times and use your time here well. You have done an excellent job with Zach and he is becoming more and more of a little gentleman, we know he enjoys the walks he goes on with you! Kali and Destiny love seeing you also. We recommend Creative Critter sitter to anyone looking for pet sitting services, thanks for all that you do!" R & M, East Greenville

I recently acquired a new puppy and needed some pet sitting services while I was working. Sandy is a very caring individual that my pup feels very comfortable with. She comes by twice a day to take care of all of his needs including play and affection. She also provides a daily report as to his activities and his cute antics; I like hearing about his day. She is a partner in raising my puppy. Sherry- Gilbertsville

"Thanks Sandy. It's people like you that keep the Aark alive to do the good work in keeping our wildlife safe. Thanks for your support." Leah

Pet Inspired Art

Pet Inspired Art
Me working on a charcoal portrait from various photos

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Visit my art blog!

Please take a moment to visit my Sandy Bock Art blog. See my latest portraits and other works of art. I also include a brief writing on what inspired me as well as what I got out of the experience of creating each drawing.  Thanks for visiting!

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